Planning a funeral can be an emotionally and logistically difficult process. There are many different types of arrangements available, from traditional church services to more modern services held at beaches, golf courses and other locations dear to the deceased. The important thing is to create a ceremony that will be meaningful to the bereaved and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

We hope to provide you with experience, knowledge and compassion to plan the right ceremony. We can coordinate many different services to suit your precise needs. Learn more about the different services we can provide below.


A traditional setting for a funeral service which can take place either with the coffin placed at the front of the church or without the coffin present at all (often referred to as a memorial service).


Each funeral service is unique. The main purpose of a funeral is to help the bereaved in their grief. Funerals can assist people to cope with their loss and can be a source of strength, hope and peace.


The local crematorium has a well-appointed chapel, which can seat approximately 90 people. Although this is a non-denominational setting, a minister of religion can still lead any service, or if you prefer, a non-denominational celebrant can be used. It could even be a case where the family actually conducts the service themselves.


Sometimes members of the family wish to view the deceased prior to the funeral taking place. Although difficult, this time can be very rewarding as it offers a more peaceful, private chance to say last farewells. We offer a professional viewing due to the embalming equipment that is used in our mortuary by Meagan and Kelly.

Red rose on a railing with black and white backround


This service is, as suggested, held at the graveside and is usually shorter in duration than a traditional service. This form of service can be run by either a minister of religion or a celebrant. We provide chairs, sound systems and more to make this outdoor setting a more comfortable experience in which to bid farewell to your loved one.


This is the traditional way in which loved ones are laid to rest. Grave plots can be reserved prior to someone’s death, or we will organise the allocation of a site in the time between being notified of the death and the funeral itself.


Whilst the above examples are the common types of services, there is no reason why alternative locations such as the local beach or golf course cannot be used. Obviously there may be some logistical constraints connected with any location. We will try our hardest to accommodate your requests.


Our local crematorium is the Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens crematorium, situated on Pampoolah Rd. in Taree. As mentioned above, services can be conducted at their chapel and their beautiful tea rooms. This allows families to stay on site to have refreshments following the service.

Cemetery with tombstones and trees in background


This service is characterised by the fact that no one from the family attends either the burial or cremation. We deliver the body at a time suitable to us to either the crematorium or the cemetery.


It is important that the death of someone is advertised so that friends of the deceased are made aware of their passing and can make arrangements to attend the funeral. Advertisements through the newspapers and radio will be organised by our staff, whether in local media outlets or those in other areas. The wording of such ads is agreed upon during our discussions with the family.


Our funeral directors are here to assist you throughout this difficult time. To learn more about your options, please call us on (02) 6554 5433 today.